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Check Engine Light on?

So you just noticed that your check engine light is on.  Like check-engine the rest of us, you are busy and might not have time to schedule an appoint with a local repair shop.  Stop by Avenue Imparts, we will hook up our Scan Tool to your car Free of Charge.  We can show you how many codes are stored in your car’s computer.  We can also help you determine if you need to make a repair right away, or if you still have some time left.  Our friendly staff will assist you in picking the right garage to have your car fixed at, or if you are a DIY mechanic we will help you select the right part for the job.  Remember at Avenue Imparts, we are supplying only Top Quality, OEM parts at Discounted Prices.  You aren’t going to hear, oh it’s universal, you have to cut splice…. etc.  Don’t hesitate to ask us to scan your car.


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