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Avenue Imparts

was founded in 1985 by Leigh Hesseltine an avid SCCA racer and all around “car guy”. His vision for Imparts was always, Deliver High Quality Direct Fit auto parts at a Competitively Discounted price for the Professional installer and the DIY mechanic. This is still the motto that we run the store by everyday 31 years later. Many local garages made Avenue Imparts their first call for import auto parts. The extensive knowledge at the sales counter was led daily by Leigh and a small sales staff.  Two standouts during the early years were Larry and Pauline. During the early 1990’s, Kevin Maier started working part time while finishing school. What started out as a part time job, turned into a career. Acting like a sponge and taking in everything that Leigh and others had to offer, he was soon managing the store. 1994 brought Avenue Imparts to its second bigger location still located in Dover, Delaware. New product lines were being added to our ever growing inventory at a rapid pace. Our territory was growing yearly as was our sales force. Greg Diven with his extensive VW, Audi, Subaru, Acura and Honda dealership experience.  Adam is on the counter and the phones full time as well, when he isn’t handling the daily incoming freight or sending back returns.  Coming from a management position from another store Josh Andrews has joined the counter as well.  Josh is a 10 plus year veteran of the business and likes to tinker with cars on the side including engine swaps on his VWs.  Jay and Bonnie are not seen a lot, but from checking in stock, to inventory control, and outbound shipping we need them.  We also have a support staff of drivers and warehouse workers that work hard daily to make sure we can be as efficient as possible for you the customer.  We can’t do our jobs without Bob, Jim, Alfred, Ryan, and Kyle.

If you would like to discuss a position in sales with our growing team, please call or email Kevin.

The end of 2003 discussions took place for Leigh to retire and Kevin along with his wife Jennifer take over. February 2nd 2004 saw the business change hands. While we are extremely proud of how we started and where we have come from, we took off full steam ahead. Vendors were helpful in the transition allowing us to freshen up our inventory and add many new numbers. We started by adding a performance and accessory vendor along with a major Tool and Equipment supplier.

Soon, our second location was bursting at the walls. We were out of shelf space and wanted to stay centrally located on the peninsula. We were lucky enough to find our current location at 100 North Railroad Avenue, Wyoming De 19934. A complete interior remodel turned this old drug store into the Auto Parts Warehouse it is today. New Software, Phones, and computer controlled inventory has helped us keep up with the demands of our customers. Daily Stock replenishment and special orders help us say, “Yes we have it” more than ever before. Typical turn around on special orders from Avenue Imparts is 24 hours. Some places tell you they can get a part in 5-7 days only to tell you it is back ordered after a week. That isn’t the case here, we always stock check and locate an in stock part before placing a special order. No matter if you need an instrument cluster bulb for an Acura, a Fuel Pump for your Ferrari, or a starter for your Yugo, WE CAN get it for you. Typical in stock parts like Brakes for your BMW, Filters for your Mercedes, or Control Arms for your VOLKSWAGEN are always competitively priced to fit your needs.

We are here to help and serve you. If you need a different brand, a price match, or a quick delivery for our Professional Customers just ask. We are here for the long haul unlike the multitude of online storefronts that are drop shipping today and out of business tomorrow. Help us Help you, we are always here to listen to the good and the bad. Avenue Imparts is proud to be locally owned and operated. We have sponsored Baseball teams in the Camden Wyoming Little League for almost a decade. We participate in Local Fishing Derbies, Car Shows, School Events. We all have children that attend local public schools and activities. We are here to support our local community. Avenue Imparts and it’s employees realize that without you the customer we are nobody.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Kevin Maier,