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Karlyn/STI has engineered a wire set line that is second to none in every aspect of performance, protection and coverage. 

Wire Insulation:
The purpose of good wire insulation is to protect the cable from voltage leaks.  The single most important factor for rating insulation performance is the type of material used and not the diameter of the wire.  Silicone, while resisting temperatures up to 600 degrees (F) will give you the greatest protection.  Our Silicone-over-Silicone cable includes two layers of high grade Silicone for superior voltage protection.  Common practice among most wire set manufacturers is to provide silicone for the outer jacket only.  They may even try to advertise a bigger diameter wire (i.e. 9mm) trying to make you think that Bigger is Better while the main part of their insulation is made up of an inferior material which does not provide protection against voltage leaks. If it doesn’t say Silicone-over-Silicone then it isn’t.

European Applications
Our European wire sets are made with the finest copper core silicone wire which greatly exceeds O.E. and competitor specifications.  This double extruded Silicone-over-Silicone wire contains 19 strands of tinned copper core which provides “super conductivity” with superior corrosion resistance.  Our wire sets always include O.E. Type Connectors, Looms, Sensors, Harness Clips & Heat/Abrasion Shields whenever needed.  This results in a state-of-the-art wire set which will excite the installer and the automotive enthusiast.
Import & Domestic Applications
This line comes equipped with specially designed durable boots, corrosion resistant and oversized clip-lock terminals which allow for positive electrical connection every time you install or reinstall them.  Our 8.0mm Silicone-over-Silicone cable includes two layers of only Silicone for superior voltage protection.
STI uses proper distributor angle Terminals
STI’s 90 Degree distributor boots are equipped with 90 degree terminals.  This allows for a positive feel of an electrical connection every time you install or reinstall them.  Other Brands provide a 90 degree distributor boot, but NOT a 90 degree terminal.  (See the picture with the Red Wire) When you install their boot on a distributor cap it has a springy feel because you are actually pushing on the wire inside the boot.